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Find Your Soul

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Hilary Bowring

Energy Healer, Spiritual Coach, Meditation Teacher* * *

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Dissolve the Illusion of separation

Book - MP3

  • Find your Soul Book

    Find your Soul... in your heart, by Hilary Bowring. Open your heart using self transforming ideas and 9 heart centred meditations. Discover your life's purpose. The world seems in turmoil, we feel overwhelmed—but we can help if we change ourselves. We...

  • Find Your Soul Meditations MP3

    Find your Soul Meditations: These heart-centred meditations help you connect with your soul. There are some that dissolve the protective shield we have placed around our heart, they all help us align with our soul. With regular practice you can...

  • Higher love Meditations MP3

    Higher Love Meditations’. For a more conscious approach to romance, these open new levels of love and intimacy...change our inner state for the desired outer state. There are 5 Higher Love meditations designed to change the inner state, each is...

  • The Thought that changed my life forever Book

    I am delighted to be a participating author in this book which is available from Amazon. You can shop directly from the Facebook page for the book. Here is the description. ‘Have you ever had a thought so monumental, it literally changed your life? In...

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