Meet Hilary

HilaryHilary Bowring is the owner at Divine Align, where she teaches meditation, tantric philosophy and offers private Energy Healing and Spiritual Counselling sessions.

My life challenges revealed’ I am here to express my soul!” Now I care most about helping people align with their soul, to surrender to soul guidance and discover their life purpose.

Hilary has been meditating for over 20 years and fully knows its transformative power. Her delight as a teacher is to help people establish a daily meditation practice so they can feel an inner state of calm no matter what life serves.  Her soft resonant voice draws people inwards to a sublime experience.

Her belief that spiritual evolution is the point of life followed her husband’s sudden death. The impact of death brought changes to her consciousness. An understanding that life is about soul journeys for spiritual evolution, to expand awareness of the human condition and deepen our compassion for one another. To be able to see that life’s challenges hold a mirror to an aspect of ourselves we need to know better. We attract in what we need to expand and transformation continues beyond death.

Her passion for living was re-ignited studying tantric philosophy, which is about self-realization in the body. She now gives workshops on this philosophy and teaches meditation. She believes we are in the middle of an evolutionary shift in human awareness to understand we are part of One Consciousness – where we can become more heart centred and unlock our natural compassion and care for one another. 

Her husband David was addicted to substances; his depth of addiction was the fire that purified his ego. An evolved man who always made other people feel up-lifted by his presence. He is now fully expanded and committed to help our evolution. They both continue to work together across the planes of existence. We are all One across all dimensions. As we transform ourselves we help our families, our ancestors and our friends past, present and future.
(Photo: David Bowring)David Bowring

She is able to see the funny side of life, her irreverent humour ignites change! Her heart desire is to help others align with their soul blueprint and flourish in their lives.

She loves to write and has written "Find Your Soul" and is also a contributing author to “The Thought that changed my Life Forever” where 52 authors share such moments.

Hilary graduated from the University of London UK and had a career of over 20 years in advertising and marketing. A new path as a healer and meditation teacher came after her husband’s death. She has meditated for over 20 years; She has been a healer for 18years after training in the Egyptian mystery school. She is enthralled by tantric philosophy and continues to study with Douglas Brooks and meditation with Sally Kempton.