Heart Centred Meditation connects us to our Soul and universal Consciousness.

buddhaWood2wMeditation opens the possibility to experience Oneness, a 'feeling' only found when we go within.

The Heart centre is a very sacred place, the seat of the soul, where we can know our divine nature, our natural joy, our innate goodness. It is where we access our intuition, our spiritual intelligence and sense the evolutionary pulse of consciousness. It is our gateway to universal consciousness. Heart centred meditation connectsusto this inner heart centre, calmstheagitationsof themind, bringsinnersteadiness. Facilitates communication with our soul for guidance, brings a deeper union with our divinity and with universal intelligence and the energy of love. Divine energy flows from one to another through our hearts. We can feel a state of bliss in our bodies.

Live your highest soul potential, attuned to soul guidance.

A short daily Meditation practice builds our ability to live in this place of alignment and bliss- day in day out & develops our spontaneity and playfulness