Mantras are powerful tools to help your meditation practice and transform your daily life.

`Mantra had a profound effect in my life. It spared me from falling into a black depression after my husband died. I glimpsed the abyss. Instead I repeated the mantra I chanted the mantra every night for a year and slowly my spirits began to rise”

ohmwThere is a great redeeming Sanskrit Mantra : Om Namah shivaya, pronounced OM Nama Shiv-eye-a .

Which means, Om the primordial sound that underpins all creation, Namah –I bow to, Shivaya, the divine within myself. It holds the intention to surrender our ego to our divine selves, our soul selves.

It is very powerful as these Sanskrit syllables are alive with transforming energy as they have been chanted for 1000s of years.

Repetition of the mantra in meditation quiets your mind –and leads you to the stillness within. The vibration created by the mantra allows your mind to access pure awareness. And you feel at Oneness and a state of bliss.

Silent repetition of the mantra in everyday life can quell obsessive thinking, neutralize negative thoughts, it can fill the space between you and other with peaceful transforming energy. You can silently send it from your heart when someone is upset, or having a rant, it is sending them healing energy.