Meditation Tips

  • citrine2Preparing your posture for meditation: If on the floor-sit cross-legged; if on a chair—sit with your feet hip width apart, firmly on the floor. Settle down into your seat as if connecting with the earth below through your sitting bones and feet. With an in-breath slowly elongate your spine, drop and relax your shoulders. On an out-breath gently raise your heart and let your head relax with your chin parallel with the ground. Close your eyes and soften them. Place your hands on your lap one above the other or relax them on your knees or in chin mudra with the thumb and forefinger touching. Try to keep your spine supple yet elongated throughout meditation so the energy can flow freely up and down your spine.
  • Preparing a Meditation space: To develop a regular meditation practice:  try ‘same time, same place’, to get into a rhythm to make dropping into meditation easier---Same time and your body will start to be ready to meditate. Same place --energy  builds in the place you sit that promotes meditation.  Use the same chair and /or cushion.
  • The place itself:  –try to make it invoke the divine inside you. Can be very simple but create a puja/ an altar. Have a candle holder that’s beautiful, a crystal, a photo of something that inspires you. Like a bright blue sky, a sunset, anything in nature, or a photo of a teacher or a person who is inspirational or a beloved family member. Some item that stirs you immediately to shift to a sense of the divine in life. Feel the reverence and smile. Light a candle if you can.
  • Even 5 minutes of meditation a day brings benefits
  • Choose a regular time on a weekday, morning or evening (morning preferably to start the day with a connection with your essence; although I am an evening person myself! )