Live in Oneness

We are living at the time of an evolutionary shift in our consciousness to understand and live as One consciousness.

onenessMeditationMP3We are creating a new world where we become more heart centered and understand that we are part of One consciousness, unlock our natural compassion and care for one another. For the new world to unfold, old structures will need to break apart, especially our financial systems where wealth sits in the hands of a few, which is counter to the opportunity to end poverty and treat everyone with love and respect. We don’t know what our new world will look like, as it’s hard to envision something outside of our current awareness. It is best not to resist the changes through fear of the unknown, but to flow with what feels right intuitively for each of us. If we follow our heart’s intelligence on a daily basis, something new and magical will be created. 

              “The Supreme Power of love unites us as One Consciousness"