How to Live in Oneness

Bring the mind into the heart.

`The aim is to align our ego and mind with our heart, the seat of the soul and the pulse of Consciousness, then we shift off the matrix of duality and understand our Unity. Our thoughts and actions emanate goodness to ourselves and to others, our life is of service and we create a brilliant new world.

Starts with us and our relationships.

heartWe are all in relationship with each other and it is one thing to talk about the concept of Oneness, but how to translate that mental understanding into our daily life? Firstly, it means no judgment… of ourselves as well as others. Easy to say the words Not being judgmental! It’s hard to do -to truly look beyond all of the physical appearances and labels we use and see every living being as equal and see their soul essence? This is a huge challenge for us, and very few have this vision constantly. However, by the very act of making the attempt to relate to all others as equal in spirit and see them as lovable, will make it possible to eventually see life in this way. We aren’t saints it is about adjusting and being more able to flip to a broader perspective even after a reaction, we can correct. Here’s a vision on living Oneness:

                    ‘When we strive toward this vision our relationships with others will change. We’ll be able to  see everything and everyone as our reflections. Be able to have compassion, understanding, and true concern for everyone, and be actively involved in inspiring others to also see with this vision. As you send out loving energy others will automatically reciprocate. Instead of a life of struggle yours will become one of a flow of giving and receiving everything you need and much more. Soon the entire world will live in this way, as everyone’s needs will be automatically taken care of, especially our need to receive and express love.” Ted Murray