Healing our wounds in Relationship

yinyanWe come into the world feeling separate and alone and our brains are wired for that it seems. To overcome this lonely feeling we seek intimate relationships to make us feel complete, feel unconditional love, feel celebrated and adored. However we often hold obstacles at a sub-conscious level that sabotage this complete love feeling from manifesting in a sustained way-- often the relationship path is not as idyllic as we hoped for!—Of course from our soul’s perspective, relationships are healing journeys for our expansion to heal the sub-conscious beliefs and very often hold great challenges which can in turn be our greatest teachers and our liberators.

Change our perception

As we become conscious that healing journeys are what is going on, we can change our perception. So rather than being overwhelmed or over reacting to a situation, we look within ourselves –and ask what is going on for me? What is being triggered in me. In every adverse situation—ask what am I learning? Tantric Attitude is the divine is in everything so the seeds of enlightenment are within every experience., not a hierarchy!!!! Play, learn, grow.

Tantra is a path of embodiment.

Tantra revealed that everyone is divine and able to experience God in everyday life, regular householders with normal lives. Espoused that the body too is divine –rather than transcend the senses we can have the most sublime experience of bliss in the body. Tantric sages knew how to open gateways to feel divinity in this body, Teaches the physical body to experience the subtle body, learn how to sense the energy. Tantra is about knowing the subtle body--- to Bring body, mind, heart and spirit together.