Transformational One on One sessions

Opening your energy field to the full potential of the Soul You!


Energy Clearing to align with your highest soul purpose.

Stuck fixed beliefs are cleared to align with your soul print: Clearing karmic impressions, social and family conditioning; and patterns from past lives stored in your DNA. Ancestral karma is cleared too.

Spiritual Counseling takes a soul perspective.

Illuminates the karmic themes underneath life dramas. Relationships & challenges are our greatest teachers as we are souls sharing journeys for spiritual growth. This perspective removes blame and shame and heals our relationships as well as ourselves.

Facilitates your Communication with Spirit.

I communicate with spirit everyday and help you to do the same. We are spirits having a human experience so we can commune with those still living as well as those who have passed to the other planes of existence. Connect with another’s spirit in sacred space to heal and gain understanding of the soul journey you are sharing/have shared.

Past Life Integration

Past lives that are relevant to this life time are revealed. Past lives provide a beam of light on the same patterns and unique talents operating in your life today. You energetically receive past life integration- brings new awareness of your soul purpose and the gifts you have to offer.

The Approach.

I work withmy husband David, a highly conscious being now in the Spirit realm. The energy healing and clearing uses the pulsations from the earth below and divine energy from the realms above. Great Beings and Goddesses are present and your Guides are always invited. You'll feel the shift! Mp3s of the counselling and clearing sessions are given, so you can continue clearing yourself.

Fee: Each session lasts for about 1 ½ -2hours. $120. Contact Me Skype sessions can be arranged. Contact Me