Find Your Soul Meditations MP3

onenessMeditationMP3Find your Soul Meditations:

These heart-centred meditations help you connect with your soul. There are some that dissolve the protective shield we have placed around our heart, they all help us align with our soul. With regular practice you can hear soul wisdom and guidance each day and gradually your soul purpose is revealed and you flourish....

All 9 Find your soul meditations available as Mp3s. Each is about 10 min long -(One Mp3 is $2.50 --all 9 for $20.) Contact Hilary to Purchase
You may enjoy the Mp3 of the Oneness Meditation now for free!

1.Oneness Meditation.

2.Subtle Body Meditation.

3.Heart Centred Meditation

4.Releasing Fears Meditation.

5.Unraveling the Ego Knot Meditation.

6.Letting the Soul Lead Meditation.

7.Merging with Soul Energy Meditation.

8.Merging with Soul Emotions and desires Meditation.

9.Blessings and Gratitude to the World Meditation.

There is a free video of the Oneness Meditation on Youtube for you to enjoy!