Transformational Workshops

galaxie2These group workshops have potent transformative power through meditation and movement and energetic release, plus the group amplification effect.

All workshops are designed to explore different ways to feel our Oneness. To help embody the idea and release our sense of separation. To have a Oneness experience that we can integrate into our bodies.

The core practice is Meditation. Tantric Philosophy and ideas drive each individual workshop to expand our perspective, share new knowledge and ideas. We use movement and sound to integrate these energies -Embodying the feeling of Oneness is key to our liberation. All this takes place in sacred space where the energy is high vibration assisting a meditative state, the group energy also amplifies the experience. I bring love and encouragement into our midst:)

Here’s what someone said!

What a life-altering experience to participate in these meditation workshops!  The energy in Hilary's home, a healing space that facilitates a connection with the divine, was palpable.  Hilary's humble, gracious and insightful presence guided our group through discussions, personal sharing, chants, meditations and much more.  Her lectures revealed a wisdom few of us mortals possess.   In this sacred and safe environment, we bonded quickly and made deep personal connections. I'm eternally grateful and appreciative of this opportunity for personal growth along my spiritual journey.

Judy. Teacher